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Allow me to begin by saying that my icon very neatly mirrors the face I made when I opened the HUGE BOX OF WONDERS that I got in the mail yesterday. The wonderful shigure at MyFigureCollection decided to be amazingly generous and sent me figma Append Miku and figma Mirai Sunega! They arrived in the post yesterday (and the box was fuckhuge, seriously.) So after dancing around like the eternal child that I am, I prepared some scissors and got ready to unbox that shit.


Hey, compared to that box, this one is pretty impressive, right?

Not at all? Okay then...


[opens box like a Fable protagonist]

And here are the boxes, all wrapped up neatly.

Now, I must confess that I was an awful blogger right here, as Ihad to pause for a moment in order to -- if you'll pardon my french -- freak the fuck out. Because as I pulled the boxes out, I was surprised to find a third box at the bottom. As they were all wrapped in the brown paper you can see in the picture, I couldn't identify any of the figures at first. But the bottom one was a larger figma box and was therefore Append Miku.

One of the boxes was Mirai Sunega.

So what was the one that I had hold of now?


Seriously, you guys should have seen me freaking out about it. Shigure had heard about my trouble with getting my own Homura order delivered and so sent along one of his as well as the other two figures, just because there was room in the box.

I have the warm fuzzies.


Sorry for the crappy image quality; I did this unboxing at about half five at night and I had to take the photos by the light of my bulb which gave them an icky orange hue that I managed to remove in photoshop.

But I digress.


For those of you unfamiliar with the character, Mirai Sunega is Danny Choo's mascot for his website, Culture Japan. After an April Fool's Prank about a Mirai figma, GS actually went ahead and made one! Mirai's a very cute character and she looks just as cute in figma form.

Her box is very simple; a sleek white and orange colour scheme that matches Mirai perfectly. I remember when I first got Kouyou Haruhi that her box colours (dark orange and brown) made me think of Terry's Chocolate Orange. Mirai's reminds me of those orange creme chocolates you get in selection boxes. Yum!

By the way you guys, when I was opening her, I was trying to be extra careful with the scissors so I didn't damage the box. After half an hour or very carefully trying and failing but leaving the box undamaged, I managed to do it very delicately, using a knife. And when I open the box, what happens? The flap tears at the 'hinges'. XD

On the side, we see Mirai striking a cute pose with one of her accessories, which is a hand holding a digital camera. Her name is writen in both Kana and Romaji. I can't remember what the text under it says, sorry!

The back of the box shows a collage of Mirai's promo poses, showcasing all her different accessories and faces. The text is all in Japanese so I can't read it (sorry!) but I think it's mostly safety warnings (choking hazards, etc) and copyright stuff.

As you can see, the cardboard backing she comes with is a nice sunny orange and yellow. The white text at the bottom says "For use with di:stage!" and contains instructions on how to decorate the di:stage I believe.

Behold Mirai, in all her plastic-covered glory! Sorry for the panty shot. oTL

And here's Mirai herself! She's very cute and very detailed. While I was posing her, I had a look under her shirt (not like that, you perverts!) just to see -- and Max Factory had actually bothered to give her a belly button! It's just a small dint in the plastic of her stomach but it's very obviously there if you look. Crazy attention to detail, huh?

And here are Mirai's accessories. And this is where, I think, Max Factory copped out a little. That rack of hands? Yeah, there are no missing ones. That is exactly how she arrived. Maybe they were leaving room for her other hands -- the camera and the hankie that you can see in the pic -- but it still seems INCREADIBLY cheap. I mean, they didn't even bother to fill the hand rack!

*sigh* I'll save it for the review...

See? Even Mirai's upset!


If figma Mirai makes me think of orange creme chocolate, then Append Miku reminds me of an iPod, in the very best way. There's a sleekness about her that you just don't usually get in figmas -- PVCs and AcStas are usually the go-to for this kind of quality. I don't think the fact that Append Miku is the 100th figma the sudden quality spike are coincidences and I have to clap MF on the back for bothering to make Append Miku look as good as she did. And they did a great job; she's stunning.

By the way, Miku's larger than average box is usually exclusive to special release figmas (BRS, Ui, etc). I believe that figma Append Miku is the first of the regular release to have a square box (though that honour might go to Witch Nagato Yuki; I'm not sure if she's a special release or not, though.)

This is what's in the little black bag on the front of the box, btw. Figma headphones! Cute, yes? I think they were a promotional offer for people who pre-ordered Append Miku.

Box. Back of.

The side. Incidentally, Append Miku's box is based off the box art for the Append Miku voicebanks. #andnowyouknow

This pose is the one from Append Miku's boxart. It's pretty, isn't it?

Here she is in her blister pack! As you can see, she comes with two extra faces and the parts to put her into 'awakened' mode.

She's just so photogenic. XD Incidentally, like the Evangelion girls, Miku doesn't have a hole in her back, so we get a waist clip add-on to the stand.

Here are all the accessories.

Last but most definitely not least; Homura!


Here's HomuHomu in her box. It shares the same basic design as Madoka's, save for a few obvious changes for colurs and the character on the box. It suits her, yes?

The side. Looks like she's striding off to save Madoka from a witch or something.

The back, showcasing all her accessories and faces.

Yes, you are seeing this right. Yes, she does come with a handgun, a bazooka and a golf club. It's exactly as awesome as it sounds.

I'm only posting this one because I think it's funny that the box randomly turned blue for some reason LOL. Maybe this is what Sayaka's box will look like? :3

The top. Moemura! *A*

At first I was all "Why is the insert blue and not purple?" ... then I remembered the colour of the vortex that shows up whenever Homura time travels. XD

Homura in her blister packaging! She actually has three layers; the top two are for the usual and the bottom one has her alternate hairpiece.

Let me just say that pictures cannot convey how awesome this figure is. I've heard people say she feels 'solid' in hand which I never understood til I held her myself; but she really does feel solid and well-sculpted in hand.

Her accessories. Look at the detail on that Soul Gem! *A*

Stoic face.


That's all for today! Tomorrow, I'll be able to get some better shots. Once I do, I'll get around to reviewing them all.

Thanks for reading! o/
Those are lovely! I myself just got into collecting Figmas. I have Madoka and Homura.

And I'm hoping that when I go to NYC next Friday, I will be able to pick up Mami. *O*
*v* aaaa Lucky, I wanted to get Mami but I have no moneys. All the figmas in the Puella Magi line look absolutely stunning though, MF really outdid themselves.
I agree. They are absolutely GORGEOUS. *O*
I am debating if I also want to pick up the PMMM Nenderoids. (I know I am most likely going to get the Mami one, but that is because she is my absolute favorite character in the series).
DO IT, they look fantastic. Kyouko especially; some promo pics were released earlier this month and holy shit, she looks spectacular. She comes with pretty much the same stuff as figma Kyouko except her 'chain' spear is JOINTED so you can move it around. me gusta.
Yes! I just saw :O~
Definitely will pick those up after I buy all the PMMM figmas.

Also, do you have a MyFigureCollection account? I'd love to add you as a friend ;)
I'm thinking about picking up the Petit Nendos because they come with Madokami and well MADOKAMI.

Yup, I do! :3 I'm MonocleClaire over there.
Oh yeah!! I <3 Madokami! I would love for her to have a figma release.

And I added you on MFC
Callin' it now, Madokami will probably be an SP figma that's released alongside one of the movies. And I would punch a baby in the face to have her.

Accepted the FR! :3
Yeah, most likely. :O
I would also like for there to be a part for figma Homura that gives her the red ribbon. :O I am so surprised that didn't come intially.

And thanks!
Yesss that would be awesome. I was thinking of keeping the dupe Homura from AmiAmi and customizing her to give her the ribbon and selling the other parts but I am unskilled in the art of customs and would probably fuck it up XD
Yeah, I am terrible with customization mostly because I never tried to. And if I do, I want to experiment with cheap figures first.
Same here. I'm planning to get some bootleg nendos, so I don't feel bad about cutting them up and painting them XD
How can you tell if it's a bootleg? :O
Just curious
oh god your icon I AM DYING

BUT UH usually the paint quality won't be very good; MF and GS are kinda strict about quality control so stuff like paint running or being in the wrong place don't get through. The joints will also either be too tight or too loose; I had a bootleg HMO Miku nendo whose right arm and leg used to fall off ALL THE TIME and it drove me insane. ATM I'm planning on using her head parts for a custom Nendo since they're the only parts worth using.

The box will usually also look a bit crap; either the photos won't be quite crisp enough or the colours will be too dull. Price counts too; if something is too good to be true then it usually is.

You should be fine if you just get your figures from places like Mandarake (second-hand stuff for great prices) or official stores but places like eBay are just loaded with bootlegs. I got lucky and my first two figmas -- that I got on eBay -- are legit but HMO Miku was from eBay she she's a really shitty bootleg.

tl;dr: Paint runs and errors, bad articulation and bad quality box art.
Haha, It's from this set of comics: http://boxerhockey.fireball20xl.com/example.php?id=031_sonic1.jpg

And thanks for the info! I don't usually buy on eBay anyway. XD
oh god

nipples the echidna

brb dying
OMG SO COOL XD Miku looks gorgeous, and Homura! She comes with Moemura hair! Aieee! <3
Yes, she looks absolutely precious with her glasses and braids! I'm posing her as regular old Homura atm but I will probably swap her over to Moemura at some point.

Miku is just so pretty aaaaa. I want to take loads of pics of her with like, fairy lights or something. The translucent plastic for her hair conducts LED light perfectly.
i'm waiting on my own homura figma and this post just made me even more excited than i already was to get her :3 all your figures are so beautiful!
Yes, she's definitely worth the wait! Pictures don't do her justice.
These are cool collection! ^^ you brought them from amiami [>:P] or hobbylink japan or ___? :O I wonder. ^^;
Madoka was a preorder from AmiAmi, Haruhi and Aya are lucky finds on eBay and the three I unboxed in this review I got from someone on MyFigureCollection.
:P at amiami I was brought few from amiami but not give me anymore. -.-; screw it sorry ^^; Ah, I see. ^^
Razorsock here. Despite the sock account, you know who I am. XD

And dear lord, Homura is lovely! And so are your other figures, but I'm being biased now. XD I'm glad that you're sharing the pics. Thank you so much.