February 5th, 2012


"How DARE your job and education be your topmost priotiy!"

Recently, against all odds, I managed to secure myself the perfect job at my local supermarket, which meant that I would be working Thursdays and Saturdays, leaving my full-time college education uninterrupted, securing me with a decent wage and netting me some experience for the future. Huzzah!

Of course, since this left me with one day off a week, it drastically reduced my free time and meant that I had to drop a couple of RPs here and there. One of them was a multi-person thread in the RP section of a forum. I just said that I didn't currently have the time to partake in a fast-moving RP (since the admin had just said the RP would be going 'at the speed of a bullet train') and asked everyone to just assume that my character had moved away.

The other players were fine with this, but the mod.

Dear sweet Jesus, the mod.

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To which I replied;

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry that I consider my education and my job more important that this RP. :/"

And then I had to go and find something to punch because my god that is not the way a mod should act. No middle finger big enough, you guys.