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Taking advantage of the paid trial glitch and rolling in icons

I took these a couple weeks back when my figma Kaname Madoka arrived from Japan and since figma Homura is on her way (or will be, once Bastardforce Parcelforce stop fucking around) I thought I'd put together the snaps I took from Madoka's unboxing. Also starring figma Kagura Aya (whose head is on figma Yuki's body at the moment..) and figma Kouyou Haruhi! I didn't manage to get her accessories as well, since my camera battery was dying but rest assured, figma Homura will have a much more in-depth unboxing (and review!)

Click here to see the unboxing!Collapse )

That's all for now. Next time; the Unboxing (and review) of figma Akemi Homura!