figma Akemi Homura Review

I was actually quite surprised when Homura won the poll for the next figma review; for a while, it looked like Cheerful Japan Miku was victorious and then Homura got a last few votes that bumped her up to be the winner. So, by popular demand, here's figma Homura's review!

Please note that due to the nature of Homura's character, this review will contain some pretty unavoidable spoilers for Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I'll do my best to avoid spoilers where I can, but at times I will have to discuss plot points from the series. If you're new to Madoka and don't want it spoiled for you, proceed with caution!

Also, Homu's box is currently stored away with the rest of my figma boxes, so I can't get any snaps of it. The photos of Homura's box and accessories in this review are from my unboxing so they might look kinda bad. Sorry!

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Confound it!

Thanks to the sudden disappearance of all triple A batteries from the shelves of the stores in my home town, I've managed to miss out on delivering unto you guys a bunch of unboxings; since my last update, I managed to get my hands on figma Kawamura Yuu (who comes with THE BEST accessories!), figma Sengoku Nadeko and an awesome PVC figure of Nekomura Iroha! You guys seriously don't know how much I love Iroha. :| So when I saw she had a cheap PVC statue of her Kittyler outfit, and that it was going for about £15 on Mandarake, you can bet your ass that I placed a order every time she popped up until I managed to get one. Right now, she's sat on my computer desk and I can't help but grin when I look at her. XD

Also, I managed to snag figma Kuroi Mato from the BRS OVA off Mandarake (seeing a trend? XD) for 5880 yen including shipping so hopefully, she'll have an unboxing soon!

As an apology for being so late with figma Homura's review, have some crappy photos of Iroha I took with my DSi just now. Sorry for the awful quality, they're the best I could do!

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Nekomura Iroha PVC figure


Reviewing figma Append Miku

Much to my delight, my two Mandarake orders arrived two days ago; figma BRS2015 and Cheerful Japan (which I only just realized is a pun of 'Cheer for Japan' GO ME) Miku. I was planning to do an unboxing like I usually do, except the batteries for my camera died and I can't find any new ones. So, a review it is!

You'll have to make do with old photos, I'm afraid, my camera still doesn't have any batteries. |D;
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"How DARE your job and education be your topmost priotiy!"

Recently, against all odds, I managed to secure myself the perfect job at my local supermarket, which meant that I would be working Thursdays and Saturdays, leaving my full-time college education uninterrupted, securing me with a decent wage and netting me some experience for the future. Huzzah!

Of course, since this left me with one day off a week, it drastically reduced my free time and meant that I had to drop a couple of RPs here and there. One of them was a multi-person thread in the RP section of a forum. I just said that I didn't currently have the time to partake in a fast-moving RP (since the admin had just said the RP would be going 'at the speed of a bullet train') and asked everyone to just assume that my character had moved away.

The other players were fine with this, but the mod.

Dear sweet Jesus, the mod.

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To which I replied;

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry that I consider my education and my job more important that this RP. :/"

And then I had to go and find something to punch because my god that is not the way a mod should act. No middle finger big enough, you guys.

The Unboxing of SO MUCH FIGMA OMG

Allow me to begin by saying that my icon very neatly mirrors the face I made when I opened the HUGE BOX OF WONDERS that I got in the mail yesterday. The wonderful shigure at MyFigureCollection decided to be amazingly generous and sent me figma Append Miku and figma Mirai Sunega! They arrived in the post yesterday (and the box was fuckhuge, seriously.) So after dancing around like the eternal child that I am, I prepared some scissors and got ready to unbox that shit.


Hey, compared to that box, this one is pretty impressive, right?

Not at all? Okay then...


[opens box like a Fable protagonist]

And here are the boxes, all wrapped up neatly.

Now, I must confess that I was an awful blogger right here, as Ihad to pause for a moment in order to -- if you'll pardon my french -- freak the fuck out. Because as I pulled the boxes out, I was surprised to find a third box at the bottom. As they were all wrapped in the brown paper you can see in the picture, I couldn't identify any of the figures at first. But the bottom one was a larger figma box and was therefore Append Miku.

One of the boxes was Mirai Sunega.

So what was the one that I had hold of now?


Seriously, you guys should have seen me freaking out about it. Shigure had heard about my trouble with getting my own Homura order delivered and so sent along one of his as well as the other two figures, just because there was room in the box.

I have the warm fuzzies.


Sorry for the crappy image quality; I did this unboxing at about half five at night and I had to take the photos by the light of my bulb which gave them an icky orange hue that I managed to remove in photoshop.

But I digress.

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That's all for today! Tomorrow, I'll be able to get some better shots. Once I do, I'll get around to reviewing them all.

Thanks for reading! o/

The Unboxing of figma Kaname Madoka

I took these a couple weeks back when my figma Kaname Madoka arrived from Japan and since figma Homura is on her way (or will be, once Bastardforce Parcelforce stop fucking around) I thought I'd put together the snaps I took from Madoka's unboxing. Also starring figma Kagura Aya (whose head is on figma Yuki's body at the moment..) and figma Kouyou Haruhi! I didn't manage to get her accessories as well, since my camera battery was dying but rest assured, figma Homura will have a much more in-depth unboxing (and review!)

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That's all for now. Next time; the Unboxing (and review) of figma Akemi Homura!